A Visit From A Legend

February 20, 2012

This past Friday, the employees at Stormy Kromer were proud to welcome a legend into their factory.  A Living Legend, actually.

Jim Dehlin and family, with Bob Jacquart

Our inaugural Living Legend winner, Jim Dehlin (along with six family members, including his wife, son and daughter) spent a good part of Friday afternoon with us.  What a treat.

The group started with a factory tour, given by our CEO, Bob Jacquart, of course.  Bob gave them the royal treatment, sharing story after story about the factory and Stormy Kromer, and introducing the crew to many of our employees.  The littlest member of the Dehlin clan even got to put eyelets into some caps!

After the tour, the group hit the retail store, putting a good dent into Jim’s $500 gift certificate.  Unsurprisingly, in legendary fashion, Jim spent most of his prize money buying caps and gear for his friends and family instead of for himself.

The visit capped off our inagural Living Legend program.  We received dozens of nominations and honored ten worthy nominees as finalists.  During the voting period, over 8500 votes were cast, with Jim emerging as our winner.  Earlier this month, we sent off our donation to Homes for Our Troops, in Jim’s honor.

Jim’s son Jesse, who nominated him, let us in on a little secret.  “I know we were supposed to have the nominee’s permission before nominating, but I didn’t know what he would say.  So I just did it.”  We sure are glad he did.

On his way out, later on Friday afternoon, Jim pulled a staff member aside.  “We’ve got to talk about some trademark issues,” he said.  “Any objections to my next tattoo using the Stormy Kromer logo, with the words ‘It’s good to be first.’?”

No problem at all, Jim.  And we couldn’t be prouder that you were first.


12 thoughts on “A Visit From A Legend

  • gerald finco says:

    Good job BOB, What a guy hay?

  • Jim says:

    He’s (Jim) a living legend in more ways than one! Great job Bob and Co. Thanks to you the Kromer legend lives on. Here’s to a your company and much successful in the future.

  • John says:

    I’ve known this living hero for most of my life and his legendary ways are known to many!

  • John Jack Mellinger says:

    Stormy Kromer selected the best, my cap is off in honor of a true hero, may God Bless this great man and his family.

  • Keith Glasen says:

    Great American, Great American Company, wonderful product. Good to see the shareing of spirits. God likes things this way. Good job Jim and thank you Stormy Kromer.

  • Thomas Finco says:

    The Living Legend went to a good man. [ Jim Dehlin ] keep up the good work Jim

  • Charles W says:

    Truly a legend in my world!!! Congrats JiM! See you in a minute???

  • Skitch says:

    Hats off to the living legend. He was a legend way back when. My daughter was the one he saved from the sharks! Unfortunately, living in the south I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing your cold weather merchandise.But it looks good.

  • Party Midget says:

    Jim was a excellent choice and I am sure he will wear the Stormy Kromer tattoo well!

  • Augie Altese says:

    Hey…you should have seen this guy when he had legs….Honest..tough..humorous…smart…and like his UNCLE, knew everything…still does…am proud of him….He’s my HERO Uncle augie

  • Ashley Wiersma says:

    I met Jim today outside of Barnes&Noble, and can I say, that he was one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met? He was warm and compassionate, with a fire and passion for life and communication. I asked about his hat, and he told me about Stormy Kromer! He told me the entire history about this remarkable brand, and the family and love that created it. His laugh was infectious:) I hope I’m blessed to meet him again someday!

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A Visit From A Legend – Stormy Kromer