Bill Murray in a Stormy Kromer?

Yes, you read it right.  The quirky actor was spotted on the golf links sporting a charcoal Original Stormy Kromer Cap.  His presence at the Irish Open Pro-Am garnered a lot of media attention, including an interview by BBC News in which he is wearing his cap the entire time.  Several celebrity sites have also posted photos – this photo gallery is a particularly good one.

Welcome to the Stormy Kromer family Bill!


24 thoughts on “Bill Murray in a Stormy Kromer?”

  1. I think a sporting good name for the green plaid would be Northern Comfort. For the brown plaid, Rasberry Mocha or for a male color; Relaxing Winter. By the way, I really like the chocolate raspberry plaid. Thank you! Terri S

  2. Without a doubt —the green one should be “Yooper Green” — I am sure you would make a lot of “green” (money) with that name —the name just resonates life in the UP

  3. The first pattern might be named “Sand Dune Plaid” the second …. and I agree with someone who has already posted this before, might be “Cranberry Plaid” for the Whitefish Bay area!

  4. Left side: “Heartfelt” because it reminds me of a pulsing heart.

    Right side: “Dandy Dawn” it has the colors of a rising sun.

  5. The Green plaid just screams U.P. Plaid and the Red/Gray/black should be Mt Clemens Plaid (it’s my home town colors, why not?)

  6. For the green Plaid I think Honey Dew Mellon, and for the maroon Plaid Chocolate Raspberry or muddled Raspberry

  7. The green plaid should be called Green Frost Classic Plaid. The reason being the green looks to be in transition to brown through the frosting season.

    The brown and red plaid should be called Northern Cedar Heart Plaid. The outer bark is brown then there is the light tan wood till you reach the heart of the tree where there several shades of dark red.

    Was very fun trying to be creative in the naming of the plaids, Thanks again

  8. Green Plaid can be called “Pine Plaid”
    The Brown/Red Plaid called “Afternoon Plaid”,
    I like the “Farm Land” idea already suggested for the green plaid also.
    Good luck, there are some great ideas.

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