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September 12, 2012

Ladies and gentleman, we’d like to introduce you to three very special employees:  Patti, Missy and Allison.  You see, these fine ladies package up each and every Stormy Kromer order and send your new caps off to you with pride.

As orders have grown over the past few years, the physical space this team has used to pick and pack orders has been shrinking.  We thought they deserved a brand new space to do their very important work.

Our new distribution center – which sits within one of our buildings – is wrapped with a full color vinyl banner, and even has a place for our tour visitors to sign their name.

It also gives our team all the space they need to organize, store and prepare orders for shipment.

The next time you order from us…and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your package…you can thank Patti, Missy and Allison for its delivery!

6 thoughts on “Meet Our Employees – Shipping

  • Edward Chantiny says:

    Our son Matthew Chantiny LTC Served with Paul Lemmons and we live in Crystal Falls I sport a stormy kromer every winter and hope to visit Ironwood in the near future.

  • Bill Lepak says:

    Everybody likes hat.

  • Dennis Mark says:

    I really do enjoy reading about your business and employees. Purchased my first hunting hat made by you in August at Cabela’s here in Pennsylvania. I liked it so much, especially the quality of materials and workmanship, I have since bought 4 more on your website.
    It’s always a pleasure to purchase American made products. I’m very familiar with the hard working people of Michigan as I attended Cooley law school in Lansing before moving back home to Pennsylvania.
    Keep up the good work!!!
    Dennis J. Mark, Esq.

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Meet Our Employees – Shipping – Stormy Kromer