New Plaids – Help us name them!

You never disappoint us with your creativity in naming plaids, so we’ll get right to it.  Below are two new plaid patterns we are working on.  We can’t tell you yet what products they will be used in, but we would love your input on naming them.

So, put your thinking caps on, and we look forward to your responses!

128 thoughts on “New Plaids – Help us name them!”

  1. I must agree with Cathy!
    When I first saw the plaid colors I was thinking Irish for the one on the left but I like Huron Green better!

      1. Birch bark came instantly when I saw the white plaid….but it took me some time to think about the other…then it came to me…a green Upper Michigan meadow with green grass, blue sky, a small creek..some small evergreen trees with some maples…perfect color combinations!

  2. “Greenstone” for the green one. And “Winterberry” for the white one. (I think it looks very Christmasy!)

  3. Left:
    Away Game Green;
    Caution Green

    Home Game Green;
    Pico de Gallo;
    White Traffic Light

  4. Left: June Meadows, Morning Mist, Lake Michigan Shoreline, Yooper Hazel
    Right: Spring Thaw, Country Chic, Cattail Fuzz, Buttercup Fields, Spring Crocus

  5. The left one “green” made me think of Copper Harbor, Mint Julip, it looks like a color I would wear while fishing for brook trout so… Brook Trout
    The right one makes me think of a banana split, coconut cream pie, and the best one birch wood Forrest — then I read everyone else’s posts and realized it must be a good thought, just not original… Haha

  6. I’ve seen two pictures and I can’t tell if the one on the left is blue or green… If its green I’ll second Huron, if its more blue the I suggest Buskirk Blue Plaid. I liked the suggestion of Birch Bark Plaid got the right one….

    1. LOL!! I just wrote my suggestions (after thinking I had seen them all) and then I saw yours…”screen porch.” Great minds think alike! WOW!! I don’t know how I hadn’t seen it. Great suggestion!

  7. Name your new plaids after the various States of the United States. The green would be Vermont for all the green trees in Vermont. The yellow would be Arizona or New Mexico depicting all the beautiful desert. Now you have another 48 names for the future. Maybe a blue plaid for Hawaii depicting the ocean around those islands.


  8. Left (green):
    Feelin’ Meadow
    Tee Time (Looks golf-y to me!)
    Fields and Dreams

    Right (beige):
    Hay There!
    Corn Husker’s Plaid
    Front Porch

  9. Northern Blue-sky Plaid for the blue one becasue it reminds me of the northern beautiful skies.

    Sunny Spring Plaid for the yellow one. It IS so bright and cheery!!

  10. I know I’ve seen a bunch of “nature” names, but all I saw from either was ‘golfer plaid’ – get those golfers to fall in love with wearing a Blue Sky Golf Kromer or a Lucky Links Kromer on the course!

  11. The two plaids should be called Peppermint Ice Cream on the left and the other one should be called Coffee and Donuts Ice Cream.

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  12. The green reminds me of Spring, name- Spring awakening, and the yellow plaid I’d name Fall mist. Colors remind me of all the Goldenrod and Aspen during a Yooper Fall season. John

  13. I like “Munising” for the blue/green plaid on the left and “Melstrand” for the tan plaid on the right. Named for two of my favorite places in the UP.

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