Now THIS is Legendary.

“In November of 2012, Michigan’s Governor Snyder proposed a 924 mile trail that starts at Belle Isle in downtown Detroit and traverses the entire state, across the Upper Peninsula to the Wisconsin border. I intend to be the first to thru-hike this trail. My name is Chris Hillier but other hikers call me Wolverine.”

So begins Chris Hillier’s blog.  The staff at SK Headquarters – and a whole lot of other folks in the Ironwood area – had the honor of meeting this fine fellow at the conclusion of his ambitious hike this week.

After 11 weeks traversing the fine state of Michigan, sleeping in tents and surviving what might be the buggiest summer on record in the Upper Peninsula, Chris arrived in Ironwood yesterday afternoon.  His arrival happened to coincide with Festival Ironwood, which gave our community all the more reason to celebrate with him.  Rumor has it that large amounts of food were consumed…

Today, he came to see Kromer caps being made and add his name to our legendary wall.

As it turns out, Chris had his own Stormy Kromer story to share with us.  He recalled being given a hunter green cap by his big brother – a sign in his family that he was now considered a man.  A real honor.  He treasured his cap for years, and through a series of unfortunate circumstances, he lost his cap during a hike somewhere in Pennsylvania.

We were happy to replace it for him.  Cheers, Chris!  You’re a legend in our book.

13 thoughts on “Now THIS is Legendary.”

  1. Stormy Kromer caps are an iconic Michigan product. I was honored to meet the good folks at SK and to see all that goes into making all the cool stuff they make here in Ironwood. My life hasn’t been right since I lost my Kromer on the Appalachian Trail. I got a replacement today and I’m finally complete. Thanks to Gina, her father and everyone at Stormy Kromer!

      1. Wow, thanks for replacing his hat! Having hiked with Wolverine for 1300 miles prior to PA, then another several hundred after the hat was lost, I can attest to him being pretty distraught. I can see why he loves your company so much!

      1. I saw several long distance bike riders along the way and I was intrigued. Similar minimalist lifestyle. That is something I could really get into but, for now, I just use my own two feet.

  2. I remember when Chris lost his hat. He was both sad and angry. I also know how excited he was to find out he could tour the company and meet the owner’s grand daughter. How kind and generous of you to offer him the opportunity and then to also replace his hat!

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