Apply to be a Stormy Kromer Brand Ambassador!

Stormy Kromer Brand Ambassador

We are excited to launch our Ambassador Program and offer you the opportunity to be a part of this inaugural group.  We know that there are countless passionate Stormy Kromer fans across the country who want to share their Stormy Kromer experiences and pass along some Stormy Kindness.

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors who are passionate about Stormy Kromer and our American-made story; influential men and women of all ages, from all areas of the country who can help us spread the word about our rugged, high-quality gear.

Are you a passionate outdoors person, craftsman, athlete or community leader who loves Stormy Kromer?  You could be our next SK envoy.

The exclusive benefits of our Ambassador community include:

  • Access to exclusive member’s only communication channels to communicate directly with Stormy Kromer staff and other ambassadors around the country.
  • The opportunity to wear, test and provide feedback on new products and prototypes.
  • The opportunity to provide feedback on new marketing campaigns, programs and promotions before being released to the public.
  • The SK Ambassador Kit – a coat/jacket, vest, shirt, mittens, 2 caps and a bag, all of your choosing, with a retail value of up to $950.
  • Ability to purchase additional Stormy Kromer gear at a substantial discount.
  • 12 free cap coupon cards to distribute as you see fit.
  • Free product and discount cards to use as promos/giveaways on your blog or other social media channels, based on a case by case evaluation of your proposed program.

Stormy Kromer Ambassador responsibilities are as follows:

  • Posting on Social Media – on both our corporate pages as well as your individual pages, we’ll ask you to share commentary, photos and videos of you putting your Stormy Kromer gear to good use, using the hash tags we’ll provide to you. Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube and Pinterest.
  • Write at least one post about Stormy Kromer during your ambassador term for our blog and your blog, if applicable.
  • Provide us with candid, honest and timely feedback on any product, ideas or campaigns we send to you for review.
  • Provide feedback for continued program improvement.
  • Agree to and sign our Ambassador Agreement, including a confidentiality clause regarding new products/prototypes you might receive.

Initially we will be selecting individuals to serve as ambassadors from September – December, 2015. Ambassadors will be reevaluated for a full year of service in 2016.

To apply, please complete our online application found here. The deadline to apply is August 15th. We may request a phone interview for final selection of our ambassadors.

We look forward to hearing from you – and please help us spread the word!