It’s time to name new plaids!

Our product development team is hard at work on Fall/Winter 2016 new designs – and that means new plaids! Over the years we’ve asked for your suggestions on naming, and this year is no different. So take a look at our three new plaids, offer us your best names and we’ll pick our favorites.

Fall 16 Plaid #1

Plaid #1 combines a rich chocolate background with accents of mustard, cream and sky blue. The scale is on the larger side, and we can tell you that it will be used mainly for men’s products.


Plaid #2 comes on a light gray background, with teal, raspberry and charcoal lines. This smaller-sized plaid (similar to Wintergreen in scale) will be used for our ladies line.


Our last plaid has a heathered, medium brown background with olive, chocolate and blue creating a plaid along the same scale as Red Pine, which you can see here in the Flat Top Cap. We’ve got all kinds of plans for this plaid in a variety of products for both men and women.

Now it’s your turn to let us know what you think! Which do you look forward to the most, and what should we name them?

66 thoughts on “It’s time to name new plaids!”

  1. #3 ‘Montana plaid’ … reminds me of the thick wooded areas with green pine needles and distinct lines of blue sky upwards through the horizon. (Subtle & classy looking plaid).
    #2 ‘Gray Mountain Plaid’ … we always see Teal and reds in the southwestern clothing. Black is basic and the gray leans towards the Fall sky.
    #1 ‘Chocolate Windows Plaid’… seems like a bold plaid for men with the mustard, cream and sky blue threads. Real men like chocolate because it’s healthy for us but also the color is a strong statement. I think this is a good attitude plaid.

  2. #1 – Reminds me of a the mist/light fog that rises from the forest surrounding a pond or water source. The all the colors contribute but the stitching/pattern speaks volume to me as the morning sun pierces the mist off the pond. Thus, “Morning Mist in the Deep Woods”

    #2 – Reminds me of the late fall when things appear gray in early evening or at evening dusk before the sun goes down in the evenings. The colors of red, blue. and black tell us the leaves are turning, the water is quiet and blue in color, and black shares with us that old man winter or Jack Frost is coming soon. Thus, “Fall Aroma”.

    #3 – Reminds me of the happiness a hiker experiences as he/she walks in the forest. Various browns reflect the bark, rocks, etc…Olive are the pines, aspens, and trees, and the peaking of flowers, etc beginning to pop and finding their way to the sunlight. The blue pattern is what they see when looking up to thru the canopy above and spot the bits and pieces of blue skies. Thus, “Happy Wanderer”.

  3. #1 is the best!! I immediately thought of blueberry muffin, or blueberry patch

    #2 Pink blossoms. Reminds me of delicate pink flowers sprouting early

  4. 1. I think of Bison when I see this plaid. American Bison Brown Plaid perhaps?

    2. This one reminds me of the Smoky Mountains. Smoky Mountain Morning Plaid.

    3. I love darker grays with a touch of blue, such a beautiful combo. It reminds me of where I live now, the Blue Ridge. Might not make sense to many but Foggy Blue Ridge is what I think. It is so nice that you allow your us to give our opnions and ides.

  5. I love them all! #3 is my absolute favorite though.
    #1- moonlit cabin
    #2- thimbleberry harvest
    #3- superior winter

  6. 1) Superior Storm
    2) Winter Cardinal
    3) Almost Spring (this one is my favorite – redolent of damp, decaying leaves, wet bark, mud, and that first hint of spring blue sky glimpsed through bare branches)

  7. 1. Woodsman Brown – seems like it should be a staple color in every woodsmans closet
    2. Smoked Berry or fogged berry – when the fog has settled in the forest but you can still see the raspberries and blueberry vibrantly through the mist or smoke (very excited for this to come out!!!!)
    3. River Rock – it’s the color of river stones with the river reflecting off them

  8. 1. Autumn Tide
    2. Winter Fog
    3. Woodsman’s mist
    All three stunning colors. I’m excited to see the new fall line

  9. While these are all nice patterns I feel like your company is missing out on a huge opportunity by not introducing a blaze orange plaid. Many other SK fans I know agree with me as well.

  10. 1grizzly sunrise: brown for grizzly and lie for sky and yellow for the sun

    2 Mountian birds the gray made me hink of stone and the blue and red made me think of birds

    3 mossy Forest

  11. 1- Midnight Plaid is all I could up with.

    2- Going Places or Crossroads- It reminds me of a map.

    3- A River Runs Through It- The blue really stands out like the river on a landscape.

  12. #1. Timber
    #2. Powderhorn
    #3. Porcupine

    I would love to see you incorporate names from your area to reflect your products. Love all of your new plaids and look forward to seeing them.

  13. Here’s what comes to mind for naming idea.
    1. Gentleman’s Plaid
    2. Misty Gray Plaid
    3. Conservative Brown Plaid.

  14. Here’s what comes to mind for naming ideas:
    1. Gentleman’s Plaid
    2. Misty Gray Plaid
    3. Conservative Brown Plaid.

  15. #1 LOG CABIN
    #3 TRAILBLAZER (looks like a good pattern for a unisex blazer)

  16. #1 Lakeside Cabin
    #2 Mintyberry
    #3 Iced Coffee
    I reread the first plaid was being used for men and thought cozy cabin was too feminine…

  17. #1 Sunrise
    #2 Sunset
    #3 Midnight
    These came to me immediately; we have such colors in Michigan’s U.P. – perhaps a little more vibrant than the plaids – nonetheless, the names jumped out.

  18. A few more feminine plaids might be nice. Some light blues, purples,pinks or magentas. Men are not the only ones who go outside in the cold weather. We might like to wear something warm as well as a bit fashionable.

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