Calling All Brand Ambassadors!

We’ve revamped our Ambassador program and are looking for new folks to join our crew! We are looking for people across the country who love Stormy Kromer and want to help us grow and find new customers. Read through our program overview below and submit your application today. Priority will be given to applications received by August 4th.

(Further details will be provided after application is reviewed.)

  • Ambassadors are asked to regularly post (pictures and/or video) on social media channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to interact, like, and comment within their own social channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to include their Ambassador title in their social media profiles, and where appropriate, add as well.
  • Ambassadors are asked to wear, promote and share Stormy Kromer products as often as convenient.
  • Ambassadors are asked to post honest product reviews on, Facebook and other online sites as appropriate.
  • Ambassadors are asked to repost/share any giveaways and promotions posted on Stormy Kromer social media channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to follow all Stormy Kromer social media channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to use hashtags as directed by Stormy Kromer.
  • Ambassadors are asked to network offline, sharing their love of Stormy Kromer with friends, family and others.
  • Ambassadors may be asked to help with local events or appearances.
  • Ambassadors may be asked to test and give feedback on new products or fabrics.
  • Ambassadors can contribute content ideas to Stormy Kromer.

(Further details will be provided after application is reviewed.)

  • Ambassadors will receive a significant discount on their Stormy Kromer personal purchases.
  • Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn rewards on purchases made by people they refer to Stormy Kromer.

To apply for our Ambassador Program, please submit the below form. Priority will be give to applications received by August 4th.

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21 thoughts on “Calling All Brand Ambassadors!”

  1. I am looking for the opportunity to be an ambassador if I so lucky enough to selected. Thank you for the opportunity

  2. Stormy Kromer…great outdoor style that meets the rigors of your active life.

    Thanks for your consideration to be a Stormy Ambassador!

  3. I submitted my application but it looks as if there was an error.
    Is the site working? Can you please verify my application went through

  4. Looking forward to the possibility of being a Stormy Kromer ambassador. I love being active and having fun just what this products promotes!

  5. I appreciate your products currently own about 25 of your hats and maybe one of your only customers able to say he has lost or misplaced various models all over the world. I just believe in your products and your company- I like that they are made in Michigan and that you employ local people in your factory. Through my travels and search for your lattest editions i know that you have personal relationships with a lot of the retail stores that carry your merchandise- you also support several groups with your limited editions. You started as an innovation on a minor league baseball players cap and have expanded your outreach allover the United States and probably the world-Most likely because of your companies good will and social outreach-just another fan

  6. My family says I make really awesome biscuits with sausage gravy. Do you guys like to eat? I am not above bribery…

  7. Haha! I’m laughing at these comments! I didn’t know bribing with food was on option. LOL! Maybe SK baking mitts? I can send cookies for review. Haha! Seriously though, thanks for the opportunity! I would absolutely love to participate in this opportunity, but will continue to love and share the products either way. 🙂

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