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Calling All Brand Ambassadors!

We’ve revamped our Ambassador program and are looking for new folks to join our crew! We are looking for people across the country who love Stormy Kromer and want to help us grow and find new customers. Read through our program overview below and submit your application today. Priority will be given to applications received by August 4th.

(Further details will be provided after application is reviewed.)

  • Ambassadors are asked to regularly post (pictures and/or video) on social media channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to interact, like, and comment within their own social channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to include their Ambassador title in their social media profiles, and where appropriate, add as well.
  • Ambassadors are asked to wear, promote and share Stormy Kromer products as often as convenient.
  • Ambassadors are asked to post honest product reviews on, Facebook and other online sites as appropriate.
  • Ambassadors are asked to repost/share any giveaways and promotions posted on Stormy Kromer social media channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to follow all Stormy Kromer social media channels.
  • Ambassadors are asked to use hashtags as directed by Stormy Kromer.
  • Ambassadors are asked to network offline, sharing their love of Stormy Kromer with friends, family and others.
  • Ambassadors may be asked to help with local events or appearances.
  • Ambassadors may be asked to test and give feedback on new products or fabrics.
  • Ambassadors can contribute content ideas to Stormy Kromer.

(Further details will be provided after application is reviewed.)

  • Ambassadors will receive a significant discount on their Stormy Kromer personal purchases.
  • Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn rewards on purchases made by people they refer to Stormy Kromer.

To apply for our Ambassador Program, please submit the below form. Priority will be give to applications received by August 4th.

Contact Information


Application Questions




Our 2016 Brand Ambassadors

2015 Brand AmbassadorsWe are finally ready to announce  our new 2016 Brand Ambassadors! Once again, we were completely overwhelmed by the amount and quality of applications we received – you made this a very difficult choice. We are blessed to have so many loyal and passionate supporters, so THANK YOU to everyone who applied.

After much deliberation, discussion and debate, we’ve decided to add these 7 amazing applicants to 13 of the folks we chose last year (Bugsy, Gabriella, Hannah, Blair, Nic, Dan, Karen, Terryn, Mike, Eric, Dave, Tom & Jill), giving us 20 Brand Ambassadors from around the country and Canada representing us for 2016. We hope you enjoy getting to know them here and throughout the year.

Dan SmallDan Small – As host of the weekly Public TV show Outdoor Wisconsin for 32 years and Outdoors Radio for 10, Dan Small will be a familiar name and face to many SK fans. An avid hunter, angler, conservationist, and outdoor writer, he also is a part-time farmer, raising sheep, goats and heirloom chickens.

Mesa PateMesa PateMesa is deeply involved in the bucking bull industry, being one of the first women hauling bulls to the PBR. She also raises bulls, trains horses and reps for a cattle sales company. She much prefers her Stormy Kromer ladies caps over the secondhand caps she used to wear on the ranch!

Adam NollAdam Noll – One of the most well-known adventurers in the tri-state area around Chattanooga, TN, Adam (aka @ThatOutdoorGuy) spends as much time as possible outside, whether that be hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, whitewater rafting or traveling the length of the Appalachian Mountains with his family.

Jeremy MooreJeremy Moore – Jeremy is blessed to have both his lifestyle and livelihood include hunting, fishing and trapping. His company provides training and training products for sporting dogs and he can be found all over the U.S. promoting his work and supporting great organizations like Whitetails Unlimited.

Erin KirklandErin KirklandErin, Alaska’s only family travel journalist, spends much of her time encouraging kids and families to get outside and enjoy the beauty of her home state. She says “Alaska is a gift that’s been wrapped and offered to our family,” and feels humbled “to live, work, and play in the Last Frontier.”

Andy CaseAndy Case – Andy’s alter ego, “The Midwestern Gentleman” is the epitome of Stormy Kromer style. He calls MWG “his ode to the Midwest lifestyle and promotion of the people, places and businesses that make it the greatest place on earth.” We’re glad to partner with him on this noble mission.

Mark & JennyMark & Jennifer Rohrich – What happens when a born and raised California girl falls in love with a third-generation North Dakota farmer? You get a great couple like Mark & Jenny – hardworking, down-to-earth folks farming wheat, corn, soybeans and sunflowers who appreciate quality products like Stormy Kromer.

2016 Brand Ambassador Application

Brand AmbassadorsLast year we launched our first set of Stormy Kromer Brand Ambassadors, and the program has been a great success. As we move into 2016, we are looking to add to our crew of ambassadors to share their Stormy Kromer passion and experiences around the country (and world!).

We are searching for Brand Ambassadors who are passionate about Stormy Kromer and our American-made story; influential men and women of all ages, from all areas of the country who can help us spread the word about our rugged, high-quality gear.

The exclusive benefits of our Ambassador community include:

  • Access to exclusive member’s only communication channels to communicate directly with Stormy Kromer staff and other ambassadors around the country.
  • The opportunity to wear, test and provide feedback on new products and prototypes.
  • The opportunity to provide feedback on new marketing campaigns, programs and promotions before being released to the public.
  • The SK Ambassador Kit – an array of year-round Stormy Kromer gear valued at up to $1050.
  • Ability to purchase additional Stormy Kromer gear at a substantial discount.
  • 12 free cap coupon cards to distribute as you see fit.
  • Free product and discounts to use as promos/giveaways on your blog or other social media channels, based on a case by case evaluation of your proposed program.

Stormy Kromer Ambassador responsibilities are as follows:

  • Posting on Social Media – on both our corporate pages as well as your individual pages, we’ll ask you to share commentary, photos and videos of you putting your Stormy Kromer gear to good use, using the hash tags we’ll provide to you.
  • Write at least two posts about Stormy Kromer during your ambassador term for our blog and your blog, if applicable.
  • Provide us with candid, honest and timely feedback on any product, ideas or campaigns we send to you for review.
  • Provide feedback for continued program improvement.
  • Agree to and sign our Ambassador Agreement, including a confidentiality clause regarding new products/prototypes you might receive.

Selected ambassadors will serve throughout the rest of 2016.

To apply, please complete the online application below. The deadline to apply is February 24th.  Good luck!

Contact Info:


Application Questions:



Christmas in Minnesota

Guest Post by SK Brand Ambassador, Joe Whitson

A Winter Lake in Minnesota

After a reluctant arrival, winter in Minnesota is finally beginning to take hold. The rough waters of our 10,000 lakes are slowly, slowly freezing over, exchanging their ripples and waves for icy crystals, spider webbing their way across the surface in endlessly complex patterns. Nature has replaced her faded greens and grays, lovely in November, but out of style in December, for a new coat of unblemished snow. In winter, the stars seem crisper and even the sun herself celebrates the season, rewarding early risers with her sundog, the multi-hued ring she wears on only the coldest and clearest mornings.

Winter in Minnesota

It might sound cliché, but in winter, the world truly is transformed. Of course, every season brings change, but the changes of other seasons speak to growth and progress, always looking forward. In winter, the alterations seem more foundational, more primal; it looks back, a time of reflection and heritage. Colors are simple and honest; sound is subdued beneath the snow. When I walk through the knee-high snow drifts of one of Minnesota’s evergreen forests, the heavy boughs drooping threateningly above my head, my breath drifting out in miniature white clouds, the sound of the sudden crack of ice as it expands in one of the nearby lakes, thoughts of the future are set aside and nostalgia is allowed to run free.

A Winter Trail in Minnesota

I know what you’re thinking, it’s easy to romantically philosophize about the season when you’re sitting peacefully by a fire watching the flurries come down outside, but the realities of winter often make it hard to appreciate. For my sister, trying to survive winter with two toddlers can be far from magical. Every errand is a lesson in patience as gloves and hats and boot and coats are put on and taken off and lost and found. Every icy sidewalk is a potential fall and every icy road a potential accident. Every outdoor task that is hard enough with two babies in the summer, becomes something to be dreaded in the winter. You don’t think about the lightly shrouded fir trees, you think about the painfully frigid wind and hope your daughter’s nose won’t freeze.

Peninsula Cap, Urban Workpack and Tough Mitts from Stormy Kromer

This year for Christmas, I wanted to give my sister the gift of seeing winter as it should be seen. I wanted her to look back, to rediscover the magic winter holds for all of us before the realities of life gets in the way. The question was how to translate an experience, a way of seeing the world into a concrete gift. I decided on a Stormy Kromer Christmas. Stormy Kromer is a heritage brand from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that I know values winter the same way I do. There is just something about wool and flannel that jump starts winter nostalgia. My sister will be getting the new Peninsula cap, a pair of wool Tough Mitts, and an Urban Workpack. I also threw in a Minnesota State Park pass for good measure. But of course, the real gift isn’t about the gear, it’s about the experience, so the gift also includes a January trip to wintry woods north of Lake Superior, hosted by yours truly. The kids can stay home with dad.

So this winter, get outside, rediscover the season and from all of us at Stormy Kromer, have the happiest of holidays.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Cabin

Guest Post by SK Brand Ambassador, Jill Emmer

Jill in her Huron Poncho

Hi! My name is Jill Emmer. I am a mom, a photographer & a bit of an adventurer. I live in Minneapolis, MN.  It is an honor to also be a Stormy Kromer brand ambassador. You can learn more about me at Today I am going to tell you the story of how I became involved with Stormy Kromer.

Kids playing by Tree

About a week before school started, I decided to take my boys on a spur-of-the-moment road trip. My husband had to work, so it was just myself and the boys. We went up to the North Shore of Minnesota, then down along the southern side of Lake Superior and through Upper Michigan and into Wisconsin until we reached the family cabin on the northeast side of Wisconsin.

Along the way we visited places such as Gooseberry Falls State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Park Point Rec Area in Duluth, Amnicon Falls State Park, Brule River State Forest and the Porcupine Mountain area.

Kids playing on rocks

It was a wonderful trip. The sort of trip you hope will give your kids memories for years to come. Skipping rocks, collecting rocks, hiking near waterfalls, singing silly songs, seeing all sorts of wildlife, rainy nights in hotel pools and all three of us accidentally falling asleep in the same bed nearly every night.

Boy in a canoe

While we were traveling, I made a point to take us through the towns of Ironwood, MI and Hurley, WI. I remembered how beautiful the area was from countless ski trips up to that area growing up. I had seen the area many times in the winter, but never in the summer.

Kids by the Stormy Kromer statue

While we were driving through Ironwood, MI, my son Arlo pointed out the window at a statue of a giant hat and said “Grandma Lynn!” Sure enough, it was a statue of a hat my mom wears all the time! A Stormy Kromer! How funny to pass right by that giant hat. I have always had a love for the brand: my dad is an avid outdoorsman of all types – hunting, fishing, skiing, etc. In fact, he grew up in a small town not too far from Ironwood, MI. He is a very practical outdoorsman who would never consider spending more than $30 on a pair of jeans (he has bought his jeans from Fleet Farm for as long as I can remember) and he has always had a Stormy on his head. I have heard him say many times that it is the best hat possible for ice fishing. Warm. Keeps the sun out. Easy to grab on and off. And most importantly, it allows you to cover your ears on an as-needed basis!

Chopping Ice

Anyways – my dad converted all of my family into Stormy lovers. My mom (and dad) volunteer at a humane society and spend 20-30 hours a week walking dogs. No matter what the weather is – they walk for hours! My mom has at least 4 Stormy Kromers.

Walking dogs in Stormy Kromer

So, of course I pulled in and we bought our first and only souvenirs (besides rocks of course) of the trip! A round of new hats for all!

In a canoe with Stormy Kromer

That night I stalked Stormy Kromer out on social media and found out they were looking for Brand Ambassadors! It seemed a bit fateful that I happened to pass through their hometown at just the right time. So I threw my name into the hat and a little while later I found out I was accepted as a Brand Ambassador!

Canoeing with Stormy Kromer

I have turned down many offers from other companies to act as their rep. To be honest, I am not a big fan of advertising in social media. I try to use my photography and my Instagram account for art, not marketing. This was certainly the first time I asked a company to be their rep!  However, I am already taking photos of everyone in my family with these hats on so it seems logical – and exciting.

Hugging a tree with Stormy Kromer

These are some of my favorite Stormy products:

The Button-Up hat and the Huron Poncho.

The Highland Vest

The cozy Benchwarmer Mittens

The red/black scarf with the black hat combo

And the men’s red/black flannel shirt

Thanks so much for reading my blog post! I look forward to sharing future adventures with Stormy & you!




Meet our 2015 Brand Ambassadors

2015 Brand Ambassadors
We are so proud to announce our 2015 Brand Ambassadors! Our team was completely overwhelmed by the applications we received – nearly 600 applications from 43 states, 4 Canadian provinces and the District of Columbia. We were truly humbled by the reponse and remain so grateful for our amazing fan base. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

After a week of deliberation, of sorting the applicants into various categories to be sure we had a great mix of ages, gender, geography, interests and more, we narrowed it down to this group of 20 wildly interesting folks. We hope you enjoy getting to know them here and watching them represent us over the next few months. And remember, we hope to add more Ambassadors next year!

Bugsy SailorJustin “Bugsy” Sailor – Since Bugsy is already known as the “unofficial” ambassador of the U.P., it was only fitting that he become an official SK Ambassador. Creator of Plaidurday and Yooper Steez, Bugsy once spent a year traveling to all 50 states, staying with people he met along the way.

Hannah Stonehouse HudsonHannah Stonehouse Hudson – Hannah is a photographer/ writer and active outdoors person based on the beautiful south shore of Lake Superior. Her blaze orange Stormy Kromer cap is her “signature” when she is photographing bird dogs in the fall or ice fishing in the winter for  her company, Stonehouse Photo.

Nic DragoNic Drago – Nic grew up in Jackson, Michigan and now finds himself in the Breckenridge, CO area. A former professional snowboarder, he has a growing collection of Stormy Kromer caps that go with him on all his outdoor adventures – from hiking to shooting to riding motorcycles.

Chad KirsebomChad Kirsebom – Chad joins us from Minneapolis where he works as a graphic designer. He loves traveling and sharing his adventures on Instagram. Having first met us at a local pop-up market, Chad is attracted to the Midwestern charm of our brand.

Joe WhitsonJoe Whitson – Joe is a bit of a Renaissance man – Ph.D. student, Eagle Scout, environmentalist, writer, photographer and historian. Another Ambassador who was introduced to SK by his parents, he got his first cap at one of our favorite stores, Duluth Pack.

Terryn DrielingTerryn Drieling – Living in the Nebraska sandhills, Terryn is a wife, mother, photographer and rancher who works hard at bringing up her family and raising wholesome and nutritious beef cattle. Learn more about her adventures on her blog.

Grace StartGrace Start – This Chicagoan turned Michigander has a  father-in-law that owns 18 Stormy Kromer caps, and is always wearing one of them. A resident of Grand Rapids, MI, she’s passionate about supporting Michigan brands. While she hasn’t reached her “dad’s” level yet, she’s working on it – with 3 caps, 2 bags and a pair of mittens in her collection.

Eric BartleEric Bartle – An executive chef living in the Portland, OR area, Eric was introduced to Stormy Kromer by his hunting mentor over 20 years ago. When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find him fly fishing, hunting or foraging for wild edibles, a skill he also teaches in Portland.

Grace AndersonGrace Anderson – A member of the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition, Grace is a self-proclaimed explorer of wild places and spaces. Based in Oakland, CA, Grace is dedicated to getting people outdoors and connected with nature.

Tom HandleyTom Handley – Another proud former Michigander, Tom now resides in New York City, where he is a professor at Parsons The New School for Design, as well as the Universidad de Navarra, in Madrid, Spain. A lifelong fashion insider, Tom is also a freelance writer, contributing to several men’s fashion websites, including The Manual. Professor Handley has a passion for Made in the USA products, heritage brands, and mentoring the future fashion generations.

Gabriella KendusGabriella Kendus – We didn’t expect to choose a 15 year old Brand Ambassador, but then we met Gabriella. This Delaware teenager got her first Stormy Kromer cap from a friend when she shot her first woodcock. She has nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram and a fantastic YouTube channel.

Blair TiceBlair Tice – Spending all her summers in Pentwater, MI, Blair was always aware of Stormy Kromer, but was reintroduced when we launched a collaboration with Spacecraft Collective. She’s a passionate outdoors woman in Breckenridge, CO where she enjoys skiing, hiking, skeet shooting, riding dirt bikes and more.

Dan PembleDan Pemble – For the past few years, photos of beautiful Stormy Kromer tattoos kept making their way to us. Finally we learned that Dan was the artist behind these amazing designs. He also regularly hosts guest artists at his studio in Marquette, and gifts them all with their own Stormy Kromer Cap.

Heather KirsebomHeather Kirsebom – Documenting the joys and challenges of newlywed Midwestern life (her husband Chad is also an Ambassador) Heather is the voice behind Honee Bee, a blog filled with musings of marriage, recipes and daily fashions. 

Karen UngKaren Ung – Hailing from beautiful Calgary in Alberta, Canada, Karen is an outdoor writer/blogger and author of Known online as “Play Outside Gal” Karen enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, cycling, fishing, climbing, paddling – just about anything outdoors!

Colin McCoyColin McCoy Colin comes to us from New England where he is 100% committed to wearing American-made from his head to his toes. He even makes some of his own leather accessories. We’re excited to help him continue his Made in the USA quest.

Mike ForesterMike Forester – Like Grace, Mike was introduced to Stormy Kromer through his dad’s love of the caps. As a kid, he wasn’t sure of the allure, but once he moved to the U.P. from Detroit, he got it! He now owns several caps that let him brave the Upper Peninsula weather while fishing, playing pond hockey and snowboarding.

Rebecca PechousRebecca Pechous – During her training to become a union carpenter, she saw a worker wearing a Stormy Kromer cap. “That cap was made to rest on top of the head of a person building America, and if I was ever going to build it, I would need one too.” Well said, Rebecca. Well said.

Dave ZielinskiDave Zielinski – On his application, Dave listed his occupation as: “Engineering Manager by day, flyfisher and Dad all the time.” With priorities like that, and two well-worn Stormy Kromer caps, he’s ready for whatever life throws at him.

Jill EmmerJill Emmer – Founder of the Minneapolis-area Instagrammer community, Minnstameets, Jill organizes events for their 3500+ members. She’s a stay-at-home mom that doesn’t stay at home, and says her Kromer Cap “is as familiar as family.” Indeed, her whole family – from her husband and children to her parents – is outfitted in Kromer gear. Photo by Eric Mueller Photography.