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2016 Brand Ambassador Application

Brand AmbassadorsLast year we launched our first set of Stormy Kromer Brand Ambassadors, and the program has been a great success. As we move into 2016, we are looking to add to our crew of ambassadors to share their Stormy Kromer passion and experiences around the country (and world!).

We are searching for Brand Ambassadors who are passionate about Stormy Kromer and our American-made story; influential men and women of all ages, from all areas of the country who can help us spread the word about our rugged, high-quality gear.

The exclusive benefits of our Ambassador community include:

  • Access to exclusive member’s only communication channels to communicate directly with Stormy Kromer staff and other ambassadors around the country.
  • The opportunity to wear, test and provide feedback on new products and prototypes.
  • The opportunity to provide feedback on new marketing campaigns, programs and promotions before being released to the public.
  • The SK Ambassador Kit – an array of year-round Stormy Kromer gear valued at up to $1050.
  • Ability to purchase additional Stormy Kromer gear at a substantial discount.
  • 12 free cap coupon cards to distribute as you see fit.
  • Free product and discounts to use as promos/giveaways on your blog or other social media channels, based on a case by case evaluation of your proposed program.

Stormy Kromer Ambassador responsibilities are as follows:

  • Posting on Social Media – on both our corporate pages as well as your individual pages, we’ll ask you to share commentary, photos and videos of you putting your Stormy Kromer gear to good use, using the hash tags we’ll provide to you.
  • Write at least two posts about Stormy Kromer during your ambassador term for our blog and your blog, if applicable.
  • Provide us with candid, honest and timely feedback on any product, ideas or campaigns we send to you for review.
  • Provide feedback for continued program improvement.
  • Agree to and sign our Ambassador Agreement, including a confidentiality clause regarding new products/prototypes you might receive.

Selected ambassadors will serve throughout the rest of 2016.

To apply, please complete the online application below. The deadline to apply is February 24th.  Good luck!

Contact Info:


Application Questions:



Meet our 2015 Brand Ambassadors

2015 Brand Ambassadors
We are so proud to announce our 2015 Brand Ambassadors! Our team was completely overwhelmed by the applications we received – nearly 600 applications from 43 states, 4 Canadian provinces and the District of Columbia. We were truly humbled by the reponse and remain so grateful for our amazing fan base. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

After a week of deliberation, of sorting the applicants into various categories to be sure we had a great mix of ages, gender, geography, interests and more, we narrowed it down to this group of 20 wildly interesting folks. We hope you enjoy getting to know them here and watching them represent us over the next few months. And remember, we hope to add more Ambassadors next year!

Bugsy SailorJustin “Bugsy” Sailor – Since Bugsy is already known as the “unofficial” ambassador of the U.P., it was only fitting that he become an official SK Ambassador. Creator of Plaidurday and Yooper Steez, Bugsy once spent a year traveling to all 50 states, staying with people he met along the way.

Hannah Stonehouse HudsonHannah Stonehouse Hudson – Hannah is a photographer/ writer and active outdoors person based on the beautiful south shore of Lake Superior. Her blaze orange Stormy Kromer cap is her “signature” when she is photographing bird dogs in the fall or ice fishing in the winter for  her company, Stonehouse Photo.

Nic DragoNic Drago – Nic grew up in Jackson, Michigan and now finds himself in the Breckenridge, CO area. A former professional snowboarder, he has a growing collection of Stormy Kromer caps that go with him on all his outdoor adventures – from hiking to shooting to riding motorcycles.

Chad KirsebomChad Kirsebom – Chad joins us from Minneapolis where he works as a graphic designer. He loves traveling and sharing his adventures on Instagram. Having first met us at a local pop-up market, Chad is attracted to the Midwestern charm of our brand.

Joe WhitsonJoe Whitson – Joe is a bit of a Renaissance man – Ph.D. student, Eagle Scout, environmentalist, writer, photographer and historian. Another Ambassador who was introduced to SK by his parents, he got his first cap at one of our favorite stores, Duluth Pack.

Terryn DrielingTerryn Drieling – Living in the Nebraska sandhills, Terryn is a wife, mother, photographer and rancher who works hard at bringing up her family and raising wholesome and nutritious beef cattle. Learn more about her adventures on her blog.

Grace StartGrace Start – This Chicagoan turned Michigander has a  father-in-law that owns 18 Stormy Kromer caps, and is always wearing one of them. A resident of Grand Rapids, MI, she’s passionate about supporting Michigan brands. While she hasn’t reached her “dad’s” level yet, she’s working on it – with 3 caps, 2 bags and a pair of mittens in her collection.

Eric BartleEric Bartle – An executive chef living in the Portland, OR area, Eric was introduced to Stormy Kromer by his hunting mentor over 20 years ago. When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find him fly fishing, hunting or foraging for wild edibles, a skill he also teaches in Portland.

Grace AndersonGrace Anderson – A member of the Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition, Grace is a self-proclaimed explorer of wild places and spaces. Based in Oakland, CA, Grace is dedicated to getting people outdoors and connected with nature.

Tom HandleyTom Handley – Another proud former Michigander, Tom now resides in New York City, where he is a professor at Parsons The New School for Design, as well as the Universidad de Navarra, in Madrid, Spain. A lifelong fashion insider, Tom is also a freelance writer, contributing to several men’s fashion websites, including The Manual. Professor Handley has a passion for Made in the USA products, heritage brands, and mentoring the future fashion generations.

Gabriella KendusGabriella Kendus – We didn’t expect to choose a 15 year old Brand Ambassador, but then we met Gabriella. This Delaware teenager got her first Stormy Kromer cap from a friend when she shot her first woodcock. She has nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram and a fantastic YouTube channel.

Blair TiceBlair Tice – Spending all her summers in Pentwater, MI, Blair was always aware of Stormy Kromer, but was reintroduced when we launched a collaboration with Spacecraft Collective. She’s a passionate outdoors woman in Breckenridge, CO where she enjoys skiing, hiking, skeet shooting, riding dirt bikes and more.

Dan PembleDan Pemble – For the past few years, photos of beautiful Stormy Kromer tattoos kept making their way to us. Finally we learned that Dan was the artist behind these amazing designs. He also regularly hosts guest artists at his studio in Marquette, and gifts them all with their own Stormy Kromer Cap.

Heather KirsebomHeather Kirsebom – Documenting the joys and challenges of newlywed Midwestern life (her husband Chad is also an Ambassador) Heather is the voice behind Honee Bee, a blog filled with musings of marriage, recipes and daily fashions. 

Karen UngKaren Ung – Hailing from beautiful Calgary in Alberta, Canada, Karen is an outdoor writer/blogger and author of www.playoutsideguide.com. Known online as “Play Outside Gal” Karen enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, cycling, fishing, climbing, paddling – just about anything outdoors!

Colin McCoyColin McCoy Colin comes to us from New England where he is 100% committed to wearing American-made from his head to his toes. He even makes some of his own leather accessories. We’re excited to help him continue his Made in the USA quest.

Mike ForesterMike Forester – Like Grace, Mike was introduced to Stormy Kromer through his dad’s love of the caps. As a kid, he wasn’t sure of the allure, but once he moved to the U.P. from Detroit, he got it! He now owns several caps that let him brave the Upper Peninsula weather while fishing, playing pond hockey and snowboarding.

Rebecca PechousRebecca Pechous – During her training to become a union carpenter, she saw a worker wearing a Stormy Kromer cap. “That cap was made to rest on top of the head of a person building America, and if I was ever going to build it, I would need one too.” Well said, Rebecca. Well said.

Dave ZielinskiDave Zielinski – On his application, Dave listed his occupation as: “Engineering Manager by day, flyfisher and Dad all the time.” With priorities like that, and two well-worn Stormy Kromer caps, he’s ready for whatever life throws at him.

Jill EmmerJill Emmer – Founder of the Minneapolis-area Instagrammer community, Minnstameets, Jill organizes events for their 3500+ members. She’s a stay-at-home mom that doesn’t stay at home, and says her Kromer Cap “is as familiar as family.” Indeed, her whole family – from her husband and children to her parents – is outfitted in Kromer gear. Photo by Eric Mueller Photography.