Developing Stormy Kromer Plaids

In addition to designing new products each year, our product development team also has the task of developing new plaid designs to be used on existing products.  This fall, we are launching three new exclusive Stormy Kromer plaids: Superior, Wintergreen and Mapleberry.

So, how does an exclusive Stormy Kromer plaid get developed anyway?  Our team sits down over a year before a product is released to look at color trends for that year and we put together palettes. Then, we draw the specific plaid designs on the computer.  We send that off to our factory, review a series of handlooms, and, voilà, we have finished wool!

Then comes the fun part – naming the new plaids!  Have you ever looked at crayons or paint swatches and thought, “Boy, it sure would be fun to come up with these names!”  Well, we can assure you, it is fun.

We asked our employees for help last year, and with their input we came up with the fine monikers you see here – Superior (in honor of that great lake just north of us), Wintergreen and Mapleberry.   You will find these new wools being used in caps – like the Original, Ida and Petal Pusher, and also in some new 2011 products like the Kromer Carryall and Ida’s Mittens.

This year, we’d like to ask for your help.  Below are photos of two new plaids we are developing for 2012.  While we can’t reveal what products they are for, we’d love your suggestions on names.

What name would you give these new Stormy Kromer plaids? Just reply to this post with all your creative ideas!


75 thoughts on “Developing Stormy Kromer Plaids”

    1. What about looking into Celtic clan plaids? The catalog would be amazing to generate ideas…and even call the new hat by the Clan name? The Clan collection of SK’s!

  1. Will give this more thought today – whether I mean to or not, I am sure – but off the cuff…

    The one on the right reminds me of spring in the woods, when the wildflowers are blooming so…Ladyslipper or Northwoods Blooms

  2. “Northern Night” for the one on the left.
    “Spring Walleye” on the right. Or maybe “Spring Melt” or “Spring Thaw”

  3. “Yooper Plaids” but something to differentiate the female looking plaid from the male looking plaid. Like: Ida’s Yooper Plaid and George’s Yooper Plaid/Stormy’s Yooper Plaid. 🙂

  4. Left, Lady Aurora : a radiant emission from the upper atmosphere, luminous bands, I’m just sayin!
    Right, Stormy’s Succotash: that’s got corn and Lima beans woven in, warm and yummy? Ha ha

  5. For the dark plaid on the left: Northern Nights plaid, and for the lighter plaid on the right: Fayette plaid.

    Love your hats! Thanks for saving an integral piece of Yooper history.

  6. The one on the right should be called “Pike-Skin-Plaid” because it has the same colors as a northern pike. The darker one that is pink and blue stripes is tougher. That is definatley a color for a female. I would suggest chocalte delight.

  7. Ok, check this out I’m relaxing on the screened in watching as the sun sets trying to think of some more names for your plaids when I’m seeing this sliver of baby blue with a beautiful pink band of clouds above with dark clouds all around, with that came this, first plaid Twilight Tweed and with that came this, Mustard Tweed for the second or maybe Autumn Tweed if Tweed is a woven wool

  8. You said all your ideas, a couple more, try to keep up, black, pink and blue a deep plaid requires deep thought, these shades of pink and blue are commonly used in infants bedrooms and the black.doesn’t have to be dark, 1st plaid: innocent dream, I bowhunt the northwoods so the 2nd plaid I see this, golds,some reds, wet black tree trunks a light snow : autumn snow, ha,ha I’ll wait!

  9. I would name the dark one on the left “Aunt Bee” and the one on right “Mayberry”. We just lost Andy Griffifth and I think this would be a fitting tribute to a man who inspired a country to laugh and learn would be a perfect fit for these great new patterns!!!

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