Stormy Kromer Plaid Designs for 2013

One of the most popular posts since launching our blog was “Developing Stormy Kromer Plaids”, posted last September.  We had 69 comments to that post with so many great suggestions on naming our plaids.  In fact, we named one of our new Ida Shirt fabrics using one of your suggestions (sorry, it’s not available quite yet on our website, but stay tuned!).

Ida Shirt in Chocolay - Available Soon!

Chocolay (which also happens to be a township in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), was a perfect moniker for the the rich browns, beiges and blues in this new shirt.

We’ve got two new plaids that have just gone into the sampling process.  We can’t tell you what products they will be used in, but once again, we would love your suggestions on names for these new designs.  Perhaps your idea will be showing up on products in fall 2014!

Let the suggestions begin!

78 thoughts on “Stormy Kromer Plaid Designs for 2013”

  1. The green plaid could be called “Early Morning,” because it makes my eyes all fuzzy.

    The other could be “Raspberry Mocha Windowpane” because that’s what the colors and grid make me think of.

  2. Estivant Pine, and the brown makes me think of a Traverse City Cherry Pie. But that might be too long. 😉

  3. The green could be penokee range.
    The grey/red could be named after one of the mines that was in town.

  4. Michigan-related names would be most appropriate, I think, especially to the UP. Porcupine Mountains, Traverse City/Traverse Bay, (esp. for a bluish one if you made one), Iron Mountain, etc.

    My suggestions are: Keweenaw Pine for the green, Houghton Chestnut for the brown. And btw,I’d like to place an order now for a short-sleeve shirt in the green.

  5. That brown reminds me a lot of the the red streaked sandstone cliffs at Pictured Rocks. Unless the National Park Service has the name trademarked, I’d call it “Pictured Rocks”.

    The green I’m having a harder time with, but I’ll think of something.

  6. I’ve got it! The green reminded me of something that I couldn’t put my finger on without the help of Google. It reminds me of a hiking trail, when the sun is coming up on a cool morning and breaking through the trees. The light beams wash out much of the color and leaves you with that dusty reddish brown from the dirt and dead pine needles of the forest floor and the various shades of green from the pines, ferns, and other plant life. With that in mind, I’d call it “Trailhead”.

  7. I live in Washington State, which is Filson territory. Since they have moved a lot of their products manufacturing to China, etc, I have been looking for alternatives. I am delighted to stumble across your company. Hight quality made in the US. I look forward to your product expansion, and future purchases.

    Dave Lewis

  8. The green looks like ‘Cool Pines’ and the other ‘Stormy Gray’……The designs are very nice.

  9. The green plaid reminds me of the colors all over Sleeping Bear Dunes, so I would suggest “Sleeping Bear” for that plaid.

    And I can only think of “Red Arrow” for the red plaid- named after the Red Arrow Highway (US 12), which itself was named after the 32nd Infantry Division.

  10. I left my suggestions on the wrong page, so here goes again.
    “Painted Turtle” or “Turtle Pond” for the green one. I like the idea of a mining town name for the brown & raspberry one. And I’d buy another Ida Kromer cap in the “Painted Turtle” in a heartbeat (hint-hint!)

  11. The green reminds me of the shades of the woods or forest from the brown tree trunk to green leaves or needles. I like FOREST FADE or WOODLAND HAZE. For the gray/cranberry, it reminds me of a checkerboard, so I will have to say Checkerboard Plaid.

  12. For the green/brown: Forest ‘n Field
    -It reminds me of the gorgeous hues of tree foliage and fields of dry grasses in the early fall.
    For the red: Cranberry Bog
    -I’m from WI, and that gorgeous red reminds me of the brilliant colors of a bog in northern Wisconsin!

    My whole family loves your products – we ALL own our own Stormy Kromer caps and wear them with pride. We love to run into fellow Kromer cap wearers in our wanderings, and give them the ole’ Midwest head nod of mutual respect. 🙂 Thank you for making quality, all-American products – we love ’em!

  13. The Green could be Mint Butterscotch.
    The other could be Black Forest.
    I’m thinking about dessert right now.

  14. Well, my Irish born friend and I think the green is perfectly named Celtic Fog while the red reminds us that we wish we’d see more of Stormy Kromer here in the mountains of Maine, so we like Longfellow for our Longfellow Mountains…

  15. The print on the left with green is Horseshoe Falls and on the right with tan and pink is Pictured Rocks

  16. love the plaids ,
    Green – Foggy Forest
    Red ; Berry Paneful ( yes the pun is intended)

    Love all you r products.

  17. In America, where Stormy Kromers are made, we call just about any checkered product a “Plaid.” The pattern goes back to Scotland, where it is call “Tartan.” I think it would be neet to have one of these product hearken back to that heritage. It could easily be combined with a rustic American concept. Taking a cue from one of the above comments suggesting the green be called “Trailhead,” the two could be combined, “Tartan Trail.”
    The grey and red could be “Tartan Harbor” as its hues are reminiscent of a stormy harbor with a boat of fishermen about to set out to sea to fish in their Stormy Kromer hats.

  18. I think the green plaid should be named “Mayberry” after the passing of Andy Griffeth and the pink one should be named “Aunt Bee”. We need more reminders in our life of the classics and both of these great designs harken back to a simple life, a life of good friends, fishing holes and real people.

  19. The first thing I thought of looking a the green is “Back to the good ol’ days” The Red one..”Life. Either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

  20. I love these new shirt designs. I love your older designs, too. Only trouble is they don’t come in my size. If you add 3XL (XXXL) and 4XL (XXXXL) sizes, I would gladly purchase some — but for me, XXL just doesn’t cut it.

  21. How bout hematite for the red brown one and McLeod for the green one. Both tie back to the local area. I grew up on mcleod ave on the other side of the Longs next to your dads house and reminds me of all the green lawns. And reminds me of walking by the original jacquart fabric store on the same street.

  22. Glad your putting some thought into your Flannels again… the shirts have been lacking in color options for a few years. I bought a flannel shirt a few years ago and have wanted to buy more…. but was just left wanting

  23. Please consider some new and brighter colors for the Ida Kromer coat. I would love to get one but do not like the color choices. How about something with a red background that stands out?

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