Stormy Kromer Plaid Designs for 2013

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July 30, 2012

One of the most popular posts since launching our blog was “Developing Stormy Kromer Plaids”, posted last September. We had 69 comments to that post with so many great suggestions on naming our plaids. In fact, we named one of our new Ida Shirt fabrics using one of your suggestions (sorry, it’s not available quite yet on our website, but stay tuned!).

Ida Shirt in Chocolay - Available Soon!

Chocolay (which also happens to be a township in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), was a perfect moniker for the the rich browns, beiges and blues in this new shirt.

We’ve got two new plaids that have just gone into the sampling process. We can’t tell you what products they will be used in, but once again, we would love your suggestions on names for these new designs. Perhaps your idea will be showing up on products in fall 2014!

Let the suggestions begin!

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Stormy Kromer Plaid Designs for 2013 - Stormy Kromer