The Making of the Petal Pusher

Behind the Scenes
December 30, 2011

Of all of the new products we introduced in 2011, the Petal Pusher Cap has been the biggest hit. In fact, we’ve sold over 5 times our initial sales projections for this product. We’ve received rave reviews from the women who are wearing them and we’re hard at work on new color choices for 2012.

Because of the popularity of this product, we thought we’d share the quick story of how this cap came to be. Through some previous blog posts, you’ve met Bob Jacquart, the CEO of Jacquart Fabric Products and Stormy Kromer. And today, you’re going to learn about his wife, Denise.

For years, Denise worked in the business as well. However, a few years ago, she became a unique kind of “CFO” – the Chief Family Officer. Working in a family business that involves not just parents and daughters, but also cousins and uncles and spouses, well, it can sometimes be complicated. So Denise now focuses on the family relationships, and making sure that part of the business is healthy.

She also has a keen sense for fashion and design. A few years ago she got the idea that Stormy Kromer needed a feminine touch, and she played around with a few different ideas (see below) before stumbling on the idea of a flower.

The prototypes found their way into the back of a closet, and were forgotten about, until Bob and Denise’s daughter, Gina, joined the business and found them. Gina and SK’s designer, Tamara, refined the design into the current product.

Why has this cap been so popular? We think it’s because the design remains Kromer through and through (complete with functional earbands) while giving the ladies another option. Honestly, we think Ida would be pretty proud.

Which brings us to a bigger question – what are your ideas for Stormy Kromer product variations? Like Denise, you just might hit on the next big thing!

20 thoughts on “The Making of the Petal Pusher

  • Joanne Salminen says:

    I absolutely LOVE those feminine styles and a good hat (ear flaps included) is hard to find that goes with different style coats and I believe these caps are perfect. Any cute variation could be a hit, but sticking to the Kromer-look if possible. I just learned of the Stormy Kromer this December and I see a few feminine Kromer’s in my near future!!! Thank you to the ladies that didn’t forget us girls! 😀

  • Kim Wyant says:

    Slippers. I know they would be a hit. I envision a slip on scuff style (I think that’s what they call it) with a soft inside, wool outer and a sturdy sole so I could walk down the driveway in them if I wanted to. You could do all sorts of variations of colors, prints and call it ? I don’t know, but I’ll come up with a name! Love my Petal Pusher!

  • Marnie Page says:

    Scarves! The cover of your catalogue features someone wearing a scarf, but you don’t have any in the catalogue!

  • Heidi Bray says:

    I love the tote, but it looks a little big for what I’d use every day. What about a smaller messenger style bag?

    Loving my new petal pusher btw!

  • Kim Covert says:

    I love my Petal Pusher. It is such a fun and pretty hat. I would love a scarf, a smaller purse/bag, or slippers!

  • Melanie Murn says:

    The hats are great. I wear My Dad’s .I have a fairly big head… But not pink, and not grey. I would like a black hat, with something in the coral colors (not exactly orange, of course). It could be stunning.

    Scarves and slippers would also be great. Slippers with a good arch, like Haflingers.

    Good luck! And thanks.

  • Susan Stitt says:

    I love the Petal Pusher that I received for Christmas and will be debuting it on the local golf course this Friday when the Georgia temps will be in the 50’s (freezing for us southern girls)! I showed it to my snowbird Mom who was making her way from Michigan to a winter home in Florida and she wanted one for the chili golf days in Florida. We both agreed that there is a huge market for ladies winter hats for us southern girls. Our only suggestion would be to make the bill larger to provide more sun protection to our delicate, flower-like skin.

  • Sandra Mitchell says:

    Love, love, love the Stormy Kromer hats I ordered for Christmas gifts and I have ordered 3 more since then. The Pedal Pusher hat is adorable but how about mix and match colors? Any color hat with a variety of flower colors including the same as the hat? I have so many people that I want to order these for but they are in the same family and you know how that goes!!

  • Gaylynn Privett says:

    Animal prints(cheetah,leopard,zebra) sooo hot, always in style! and need more bling baby! Middle of flower needs sparkle! Faux fur ear band also hot! Fashion, fashion, fashion! Love hat prototype with bow also! I just heard about Stormy hats today! Love them!

  • Tammy M says:

    I’d like to see an Ida Kromer cap similar to the mens Rancher. Or a Rancher cap with the colors available for the Ida cap.

  • Lee says:

    Are you adding to the Pedal Pusher line with new colors other than those on the website now? What new colors might we be waiting for and when would they be available?

    • Thanks for the question and interest in our products. Yes we are adding to the line…check our website this summer (and join our email list to be sure you’re notified when new products go online). There will also be a few colors that will be available exclusively with our retailers, and we’ll let you know about that too!

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The Making of the Petal Pusher - Stormy Kromer