A Stormy New Year

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December 31, 2012

One final Kromerism for the year. Here’s to being grateful for a wonderful 2012
and looking forward to an even better 2013. Happy New Year everybody!Happy New Year

3 thoughts on “A Stormy New Year

  • Tracy Jaffarian says:

    Let me start, by telling all the hard-working folks at Stormy Kromer that I am proud to wear the beautiful hats that you all make! I am female, and have always had a hat “fettish”, anyway. I have been accustomed to donning one of my many baseball caps, which all bear the beloved names of our New England-based sports teams, the Boston Bruins, the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics and of course, the Boston Red Sox. When I was introduced to your Kromy hats, I fell in love!! I measured like you said, my size was 7 and 1/8. And the fit was custom, as if you had measured yourself. I have purchased 4 hats so far, and I will get into trouble if I keep buying more! They are sooo comfortable. The wool ones are so warm that the New England biting wind doesn’t matter. My head is warm, and I look good too. I also got the moss cord cap, love it. If you folks ever need a proud American woman to model one of your fine hats, count me in! My only regret is that I really wanted one of the blue plaid limited edition caps, but they had sold out before I could get one. The colors of that cap were beautiful. And made in America is the icing on the cake. Wherever I travel, when someone compliments my hat, I proceed to tell them the story of Stormy. They love it!
    Keep up the fantastic work, everyone, and know that in Massachusetts, you have a HUGE fan in me!!!!!

    Tracy Jaffarian 130 B Old Ferry Rd Haverhill,MA 01830

    • Hi Tracy – thank you for your kind words! We love hearing from our happy customers. I will say…keep an eye out for something we’re going to announce later this year – we think you’ll be interested!

  • Tracy Jaffarian says:

    PS, I was wondering how the purple and yellow cap would look. Do you have any photos of anyone wearing it? I think I would like that one!!

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A Stormy New Year - Stormy Kromer