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January 7, 2013

Congratulations to this year’s Living Legend, Laura Mae Beaubien! In case you missed it, here is the nomination her son sent to us which earned her this honor.

By: Robert Beaubien, Son

living legendLaura Mae Beaubien is my father’s hidden strength. Married at 19 years old, and for over 60 years, the two of them built a bond that could only be broken by the vow, “till death do we part.”

My stay-at-home mother attended to the household and raising of six children – yes six kids! I believe there’s nothing stronger than the love a Mother has for her children. She had so many hats she had to wear.

If one of us scraped our knee, she was there as the “Nurse” to patch us up and mother away our tears, always followed with a kiss that made it better. She would take all of us to the A&P to go shopping with a bandana covering her curlers, the “Beauty Queen” to us. As a “Financial Planner,” Mom saved S&H Green and Gold Bell stamps to get something free. She could get all of us ready for church in our best Sunday clothes faster than a “Pageant Coordinator.”

I learned that when I was called, and that call included my middle name, I was in for it, as mom the “Sheriff” taught me. We had to make our beds, pick up our clothes, feed the dog and other chores, thanks to mom the “Warden.” My Mother the “Teacher” taught us responsibility. She taught us to say ‘yes please,’ ‘no thank you,’ and to show respect . Her “Dale Evans” hat was earned as we moved from our beloved Michigan to an Oregon cattle ranch. She learned how to ride a horse, brand, and vaccinate cattle. As the “Chef,” she maximized menus that would feed us and the branding/buckaroo crew for days.

With all these hats, she found time for my Dad as a loving, caring soulmate for life. Now that we have our own lives, Mom and Dad were free to do the things they put off in their youth in order to raise us as a family believing in our faith, having respect of others, and doing what is right.

This free time as “Vacationers” was cut short as my Dad was told he had cancer. Wearing this “Caregiver” hat, my mother has strengths I’ll never be able to describe, as she was a devoted companion till the end, remaining strong for us kids. Their last long trip together – with mom as the “Navigator” – wasn’t to Hawaii, Miami, or Southern California, it was home to Michigan, where they visited family and friends. They made new friends like Bob Jacquart, as they visited one of Michigan’s landmarks, the Stormy Kromer factory.

With a birthday on Christmas eve, my Mom will be 80 but not alone, as she will share in the celebration of life with her “Walton “-like family of Beaubien’s, driving from all over the state of Oregon, to be with her on this Blessed holiday and birthday. My Mother made her life in a world that said ‘they were to young’ and lasted far beyond today’s marriages, raised a family, taught us new lessons and reminded us of the ones we let slide. I nominate my Mother Laura Mae Beaubien because she would be a superior role model and a person to aspire and emulate her life’s values of a mother’s love.

19 thoughts on “So Many Hats

  • Barbara Howard says:

    Congratulations, Laura Mae… many fond memories of you and Harold!!! <3

  • Dee Ann Miller says:

    Congratulations Laura. We are so happy that we got to know you and Harold and your wonderful family. Lots of memories:)))))

  • Marty says:

    What a beautiful tribute!!! The comments made by one’s children make all of life’s up & downs worth it. They were blessed to have such a Wonderful life all TOGETHER! Thanx so much for sharing!

  • kerry adelmann says:

    What a wonderful nomination! She sounds like a lovely, inspiring, woman of strength and character. And how proud she must be to have such wonderful children! I must mention she has wonderful taste in hats too, as I have one just like the one she wears in the photo! I hope 2013 is kind to you Laura.

    • Laura Beaubien says:

      THANK YOU !!!! Love that hat and all the other ones I have too ! Wouldn’t trade my family, they are the best !!! Laura

  • Jennifer Welch says:

    What a heart warming story from the eyes of a son, she taught him well. Congrats on the win!!

  • Dan Beaubien says:

    Way to go mom (and dad). I could write volumes or talk for days about the memories but I will just leave it at way to go. Love, DLB

  • KC says:

    Laura, Congratulations! I consider myself one of the bless to know you and your delightful family. You are an inspiration to so many, in all that you do.

  • HOBY AND iDA says:


  • Anne says:

    I loved reading the tribute to Laura. It was beautifully written for an obviously beautiful Mother. I, too, like her taste in her choice of a petal pusher hat…..mine will be here by week’s end. Lovely read. Thank you.

  • Anne says:

    I just finished reading the reaction by Laura when she learned she had won the title. I love her attitude and obvious love for family and children.

  • Laurie Beaubien Collins says:

    I am one of six kids Blessed enough to call Laura my Mom and Harold my Dad. There really are not enough words to express how wonderful an honor this is! Like my brother Danny said, we could go on and on with the amazing memories, but will leave it short at CONGRATULATIONS! LOVE YOU!

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