Made Like You: Sarah Morrison

January 30, 2018

Winter on the southern shores of Lake Superior can be—how to put this accurately—ferocious. That’s not a bad thing. It simply means that to thrive in Northern Michigan, to press through hundreds of inches of annual snowfall and the long, dark months of bitter cold, you have to have a bit of grit. A little […]

Made Like You: Billy Demong

December 29, 2017

Some days are more lazy than others and sometimes you sleep late and snack unwisely and decide, Nah, I’ll just leave the pajamas on in order to spend a little more time perusing funny cat videos on YouTube only to come across—purely by chance, having nothing to do with a beneficent universe trying to send […]

Made Like You: Bugsy Sailor

December 19, 2017

Two hundred screaming people gathered in a tight half-circle around a seashore can mean a few different things. Think: shark attack, celebrity sighting, buried treasure suddenly unearthed. On the shark-free fresh water of Michigan’s Mackinaw Island, though, the screams of this particular crowd are exuberant and goading and—when one of the professional stone skippers vying […]

Made Like You: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

November 29, 2017

The most beautiful thing Hannah Stonehouse Hudson ever witnessed was on a photoshoot with a man and his dog. The man, John Unger, knew he had to put his dog to sleep. Schoep suffered from debilitating arthritis, and John understood intuitively that it was time. But first, to capture a moment, and one free from […]

Made Like You: Jeff Daniels

November 21, 2017

This week, we’re honored to have a guest writer on our blog. Enjoy! Every time I wear my brimless Stormy Kromer on the streets of New York City I get looks which is sayin’ somethin’ because it’s hard to catch the eye of a native New Yorker. They tend to be elsewhere. It has a […]

Made Like You: Cole Chambers

November 7, 2017

Cole Chambers, Muncie, Indiana: former professional bull rider, everyday conservationist, and avid outdoorsman. Once, for an agonizingly long stretch of eight seconds, Cole Chambers white knuckled a rope pulled taught around the muscled, bucking midsection of an irate bull named Diesel Smoke. He didn’t fall off. Cole was 22 at the time, which meant he […]

Made Like You: Erin Kirkland

October 24, 2017

Each year there are a smattering of summer days in Anchorage, Alaska that, to arrive within them by airplane, might convince you that God set up his earthly throne right there, smack in the middle of all that crisp blue sky and fresh air and not-too-oppressive heat. And furthermore, was that a moose you saw […]

Made Like You: Dan Pemble

October 10, 2017

To scroll through images of Dan Pemble’s artwork is to rollercoaster through pop culture, religious iconography, deep familial nostalgia and, here and there, super scary monsters. He’s good at what he does. Really good. Faces needled into swathes of skin seem alive, as if they’re about to start a conversation. Or finish one. Animals seem […]

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